Cold Storage Design & Manufacturing

At American Insulated Panel, we use only premium-grade raw materials along with our proprietary continuous line panel production machine at our 35,000 sq ft facility. The result is a custom-made, USDA-approved panels made fast and ready for installation by our experienced crews. 

Our cold storage manufacturing process is controlled from start to finish to avoid costs and delays. From Concept to Cold, we are your best solution.

Let's Chat About Your Cold Storage Needs

Risk-Free Custom Cold Storage Design and Manufacturing Consultation


We’re with you every step of the way, from the planning stages to the job completion. We begin by looking at your specific needs so we can establish a clear definition of the scope of the project. Let AIP engineering evaluate critical factors like inside-outside temperature, joist spans, and wall heights. Next, we’ll identity your materials and method requirements. Final determinations include specific application needs, such as panel thickness, choice of finishes, door size, and location.

Custom Cold Storage Doors

Over the past 35 years, we have offered every type of refrigerated and cold storage door available on the market. With a full time carpentry, sheet metal, and welding shop, American Insulated Panel can offer a range of customer swing and slider doors manufactured to spec.

Looking for something else? We have long-standing relationships with a range of vendors and manufacturers to offer the full range including display doors, pass through, beer cave, impact, bi-parting, high speed roll-up, air curtain, and many more.

Cold Storage Design

Using our in-house CAD designers gives us superior accuracy and greater clarity. We can offer you a cost-effective, quality design, and deliver it in a timely fashion.  Our CAD designs allow you to provide a general outline and American Insulated Panel to fill in the details with decades of Cold Storage experience.

Insulated Panels

When evaluating where to purchase your cold storage solution, consider this: not one company in the industry controls the process from start to finish like American Insulated Panel. We are the only company to complete the design work, manufacture a continuous line panel to custom specs, and install those panels at the customer's locations.

Our ability to manufacture up to 14,000 sq ft of insulated metal panels each day allows us to control the construction project from initial lead time and design changes to mid-project additions and future expansions.