EPS National Panel

Custom, Fast, Reliable

Forget What You Know about Cold Storage

In this industry, panel manufacturing and panel installation is handled by two different companies. That separation leads to quality, schedule, and cost issues. American Insulated Panel’s ability to manufacture custom projects right up until and through installation allows time for the customer to design, make changes during construction, avoids any project delays. AIP is always on schedule.

Cost and Lead Time

American Insulated Panel controls the process from start to finish with in-house engineering and design, continuous line panel manufacturing, and expert installation.

  • Cost per SF: American Insulated Panel is the only company in the Northeast with a continuous line machine allowing for shorter lead time and less costly installations. The cost of freight to your job site alone can add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in savings!
  • Time to installation: Because the panels are made right here in Taunton, MA, custom panel project lead time can be as short one week. Project shortages or overages can be avoided completely by removing the need to order months in advance which in the end saves the customer money.

Customization at Its Core

We often hear from our customers “how long is the lead time?” and “when do I have to place my order to get in line?”. They might be finalizing the design with other trades or waiting for permits. At AIP, it doesn’t have to be this way! We regularly manufacture panels one to two weeks before on-site installation and work with customers the whole way on final quantities and sizes.

  • Normally, panel installers will order 10% extra to account for waste. AIP produces the final ~10% of panels after installation crews have arrived and once exact quantities are known. That eliminates waste which transfers savings to the customer.  
  • Tailor-made Dimensions: For both thickness and length, our EPS panels are customizable to fit the precise specifications of your project, ensuring a seamless construction process and optimal insulation. Unlike cam-lock construction, our panels can be modified in the field for truly customer configurations.

Sustainable Efficiency

  • Environmentally Friendly: EPS insulation panels are about 98% air and is not subject to “off-gassing” – a term that refers to the gradual release of the blowing agent trapped in the cells of some foams like XPS and polyurethane. EPS offers a low emission, sustainable building material that’s also recyclable.
  • Long-Term Durability: Unlike XPS and polyurethane, our EPS panels are resistant to moisture and degradation over time. That means your purchase maintains the insulating properties over time, ensuring a lasting investment and avoiding future problems.

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