About American Insulated Panel

Our Cold Storage History

Founded in 1989 in North Dighton, Massachusetts, American Insulated Panel (AIP) began as a dedicated team producing high-quality insulated panels and cold storage doors by hand. As we embraced innovation, including our continuous line panel manufacturing machine in 1995, our capabilities expanded fivefold. Relocating to a larger 35,000 sq ft facility in Taunton, MA, allowed us to scale our manufacturing and installation services significantly.

Our Commitment to Future Innovation

Today, under new ownership, the company is expanding on it’s massive history of successful projects by continuing to manufacture as many products as possible at it’s Taunton location. Investing in new equipment and combining that with the dozens of experienced employees, American Insulated Panel’s future looks brighter than ever. 

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Our Team

Andrew Massard


amassard@aipanel.com  |   Ext. 240

With a solid background in construction and engineering, Andrew Massard is the driving force behind AIP’s commitment to excellence and innovation. He brings a strategic approach to maintaining the company’s long-standing success, with a keen focus on enhancing quality control and operational efficiency.

Andy Kingsland

Design Specialist

Andy’s pioneering design work since AIP’s early days continues to be the foundation of our bespoke solutions. He completes all the in-house CAD design work, ensuring each custom solution is meticulously planned and executed.

Gabe Amaral

Senior Sales Executive

gamaral@aipanel.com | Ext. 210

Starting in the shop and advancing through field installations, Gabe has a hands-on understanding of AIP’s products from the ground up. His years in sales are enriched by this practical experience, making him exceptionally adept at addressing clients’ needs.

Tyler Laplume

Field Coordinator /
Project Manager

 tlaplume@aipanel.com | Ext. 201

Coming from the field as a superintendent, Tyler brings a realistic approach to construction. With nearly ten years of experience, Tyler brings a wealth of knowledge to overseeing the construction of insulated panel projects from start to finish.

Ernie Rainho

Senior Sales Executive

erainho@aipanel.com | Ext. 212

Ernie brings a wealth of knowledge with decades of experience in produce, refrigeration, panel, and doors sales, expertise that he adeptly applies to guide clients through AIP’s comprehensive product offerings. His background ensures customers receive tailored advice that aligns with their unique cold storage needs. 

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